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Re: ntp 4.2.0 in experimental

* Matthias Urlichs (smurf@smurf.noris.de) wrote:
> > It is possible to make the package configure itself at install time by
> > using pre-seeded debconf answers like the version currently in
> > unstable? 
> No, sorry. We decided to remove debconf entirely because there are
> basically two classes of people using ntp:
> - People who have their own NTP network. They need to do hand-edit
> /etc/ntp.conf to do some customization (subnet broadcast, secret
> keys, ACLs...) anyway.
> - People who don't. Most of them can happily use pool.ntp.org as their NTP
> server, which is the default we're shipping with => no debconf needed.

I seriously doubt I'm alone in that I've got my own ntp server but for
all my other systems I was able to use the debconf configuration and not
have to edit it.  Additionally, most of my systems aren't allowed to
talk to any server other than my internal ones.


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