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Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distros need the help from debian developers

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On 2004-02-15 14:28, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > It feels a bit counter-productive when we in the Skolelinux project
> > spend lots of time trying to convince Debian package maintainers to
> > add support for package configuration using pre-seeding of debconf
> > answers, and then experience that the next maintainer of the same
> > package consider this a waste and throw out the code.
> Given that you essentially ask to reinstate behavior that is relatively
> widely considered a bug, and that this has been stated in the NTP
> thread, why do you need to picture the situation as lack of support for
> CDDs?
> AFAICT debconf is intended and presently advocated as a way to prompt
> for defaults if they are absolutely needed. Specifically, it is not
> intended as a way to store stuff.
> How does your request correspond with the "debconf is not a registry"
> mantra? Basically you seem to be advocating what many people have called
> debconf abuse.

a CDD by definition caters to a certain situation/target group. Often the
right default for that target group will differ from the right default for
an average user. Debconf-preseeding gives us a way to change the default
setting to fit our target group.

> This is no critique of the technical merits of your request, but if you
> wish to keep debconf questions like the NTP one you need to advocate
> changing the paradigm of debconf use.

it doesn't the debconf-preseeding doesn't do anything with debconf that the
package itself doesn't do already, the preseeding just allows us to change
the general default to a default fitting a more specialized setting.

> One of the obvious things that got asked multiple but that none of the
> 'keep debconf promt'ers answered is: Why is it critical for you to have
> these defaults done with debconf as opposed to customizing config files?

because we can then change the default value to fit our target group.
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Cheers, cobaco

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