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Re: virus scanning

On Sat, Feb 14, 2004 at 01:23:43PM -0500, David B Harris wrote:
> > > This is easy to fix, just remove the MX record that points to gluck!  MX 
> > > secondaries don't provide any benefit with the way the Internet works today.  
> > > They just cause needless bounces and administration problems.
> > 
> > No, they don't, when they're set up properly. I prefer that when the primary
> > mail server is down that incoming mail is stored on the secondary so that I
> > know how much there is, to be able to view some of it if it's urgent, and to
> > flush it as I like when the primary goes back online.
> I'm been thinking about making my primary MX push out alias files which
> point to mbox files for each and every user the primary MX would accept
> mail for; this mainly to avoid the hundreds of frozen messages that get
> put in whenever the primary is down for a half-hour.

Callouts (verifying the recipient) provides with you with the same
functionality -- the secondary MX refuses to accept mail.

> Unfortunately, I'm still short of finding an elegant solution for
> flushing that mail to the primary when the time comes.

The default rules (how many concurrent delivery processes per each remote
host) usually work fine, but sometimes I speed them up temporarily when I
know that the primary MX is fast, or conversely slow them down when it's
slow. For example, when I shift my mail from the tertiary MX to the
secondary, which is slower (on purpose, because I don't want to put the
slowest in the set at the worst place spam-wise).

> The mail doesn't *need* to be stored in seperate mboxes or anything, but
> I'd prefer it available in some format other than the secondary MTA's
> queue :)

One could probably make a for loop to output -Mvh and -Mvb into a mbox...

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