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Re: calendario

Scripsit "David Palmer." <david@weavers-web.org>
> joshk@triplehelix.org (Joshua Kwan) wrote:

> > But why in the world send it to debian-devel? 

> Perhaps because he can't read english very well.

I'm not sure that is a factor. I can easily picture an
English-speaking boy completing his first program and wanting to
contribute it to the nice free-software people. It's rather sweet,
actually. We were all born clueless, and it speaks well for him that
he would start programming in the tty paradigm rather than some GUI

> He offers a gift. Why not accept it in the spirit in which it is
> offered.

I'm sure we all do. Of course, the spirit of "doing with it whatever we
wish" in this case means not doing anything with it. :-)

Anyway, the program's buggy: The weekdays are off by one in January
and February in the year after a leap year, and if any month after
February in a leap year starts with a Tuesday no weekday heading gets
printed ...

> Is there anybody here who can introduce him to correct procedure,

I expect that Domenico has already tried to equip him with a clue in
the gentlest manner posible.

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                 at triumfere fra balkonen når de har slået hinanden ihjel."

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