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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

* Chris Cheney <ccheney@cheney.cx> [2004-02-12 01:06]:
> Saying "oh well" about lack of communication is not something I
> would expect to hear from DPL!

Oh well.  Debian is a very diverse community and there is no way
everyone is going to be able to communicate with everyone.  This is
just a fact I have to acknowledge.  There are various possible
solutions from this.  One would be to make people more communicative,
but this is usually not possible because people have their personality
and won't change.  The other possibility would be to replace the
people who cannot communicate and replace them with people who can
communicate _and_ do the work.  Unfortunately, finding such people is
often hard (there are some good examples in Debian for this, though,
like Colin Watson just to pick one who is a sheer pleasure to talk to
and who gets lots of work done).  In the specific case of buildd, Ryan
has done the major work to keep the buildd infrastructure running in
the last months, and there is no better replacement.  He could be
replaced by someone who is more communicative, but then the work
wouldn't get done.  Is that what you want?  The other option, and the
one most appropriate in this case imho, is for the DPL to act as
intermediate.  I don't say "oh well, there is a lack of communication,
let's just not talk about it and ignore this issue.  Instead, I say
"oh well, I cannot change the personality of these people".  However,
something I _can_ do, and this is one reason I decided to run for DPL
last year, is that I _can_ talk to all kinds of different people.  I
have no problem talking to Goswin and Ingo, and at the same time I'm
in virtually daily contact with James and also usually can communicate
with Ryan.  And, in fact, I found two mails from him in my mbox this
morning: one about mipsel, one about mips.

If there is lack of communication, the DPL surely has to deal with it.
I approach it by stepping in as intermediate and to resolve the problem
this way, and I think this fulfils the role of the DPL quite well.
(Other DPLs might approach it differently - it's all a matter of
personality; in the end, the question is which approach works best,
and I think mine is quite successful, certainly more successful than
just replacing various people with others when there are no good
replacements available.  You can only work with the resources you
have, and I try to do that as well as possible.)

> A mailing list that is in a visible place such as lists.debian.org for
> people to mail buildd admins for retries and to see status updates for
> archs would be very nice. :) As I understand it the various archs have
> buildd lists now but they are hidden.

As far as I know, there are no hidden lists.  Most ports use the
debian-<arch> list on lists.debian.org.  The major exception being
m68k which is hosted somewhere else - but this is a public list, too,
and is listed at http://www.debian.org/ports/m68k/.  Are there any
hidden lists I'm not aware of?
Martin Michlmayr

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