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Re: 2.6 kernel boot crashing

On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 01:02:23PM +0100, Agustin Martin
Domingo wrote:
> Thomas E. Vaughan wrote:
> >
> >On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 05:17:35PM +0100, Francesco P.
> >Lovergine wrote:
> >
> >>There are good probability that you have some ram
> >>problem.  Run memtest86 in standalone mode to check it.

As it turns out, the problem appears to be that PnPBIOS
support in the 2.6 kernel is broken with respect to my

> >What is "standalone mode"?  I know how to boot to
> >single-user mode by typing the image label followed by
> >"single" at the LILO command line.  Is that what you
> >mean?
> memtest86 is a boot image that will run by itself and
> check memory, no need of a kernel (that means standalone
> here). A lilo entry like
> # --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> # memtest image
>   image = /boot/memtest86.bin
>   label=memtest
> # memtest ends
> # --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> should work once the memtest86 package is installed.

Thanks for the right and good description of memtest86.

I did manage to install and run it yesterday; like your text
above, the documentation in /usr/share/doc/memtest86 was
easy enough for me to follow.  Had I been more of a newbie,
your pointer would have been just the thing for me.

Although my kernel crash ended up being unrelated to a
memory problem, memtest86 did alert me to the root of a
different problem from which I had been suffering.  During
the run of memtest86, the computer powered itself off, as if
because of something's overheating.  I opened the case and
found that one of the clips holding the heat-sink and fan to
the CPU chip had broken, and there was not good thermal

Hopefully, now that I have a properly compiled kernel (with
no PnPBIOS support turned on) and a new heat-sink assembly,
all of my problems with the machine in question are now
behind me.

Thomas E. Vaughan <tevaughan@comcast.net>

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