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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader <leader@debian.org> writes:

> * Ingo Juergensmann <ij@2004.bluespice.org> [2004-02-11 23:26]:
> > Hrm, not exactly as I understood his original mail.  One part of his
> > complain was that Ryan was some sort of unresponsive, although there
> > were several postings on debian-mips requesting the building of
> > qt-x11-free, but nothing happened. *This* is some sort of
> > unacceptable.
> Yeah, I was quite frustrated with this as well.  Oh well, there are
> just many different people in Debian and we have to try a way to work
> together.  Some people are very communicative while others just do
> their work -- and Ryan generally does his work.  I remember a recent
> request on debian-mips to have a package recompiled, and while Ryan
> did not respond to the mail, looking at incoming.d.o showed that he
> had acted upon the request.  It would have been nice to also get a
> short mail saying so, but then again this would take away time from
> his work.  Some developers do take that time to respond and others
> don't.  In the case of qt-x11-free, I'm not sure exactly what the
> problem was.  However, simply uploading a totally untested package
> as Goswin did isn't ideal either (especially since someone else had
> built the package already and asked for testers).

Who says I didn't test it? I played a few rounds of ksame just fine
and even run celestia, which is rather slow on a headless mipsel
without full fpu.


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