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Re: google trivia

I've never liked that site as it is highly prejudicial against people who speak or write in English.

It automatically eliminates any statement that might have been written by a person of normal intelligence. Most people would not normally use such phrases as "Linux rules, dude" or "yo, yo, Microsoft sucks dog." Therefore, the results are no more valid than, say, a political poll involving only Fox News viewers.

I do think that the relative sample sizes are fascinating though. 4480/7016 that have some form of opinion (whether they are capable of expressing it in multi-syllable English or not) on Linux versus the runner up, Windows, with 2680/722.

This could be interpreted in one of two ways: That far more people are discussing Linux, or that a far greater percentage of those that are discussing Linux also routinely butcher the English language in cruel and unforgivable ways.

On Feb 11, 2004, at 7:21 AM, Simon Richter wrote:


just a trivia from google

In this context:



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