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Problem using debootstrap...

Hi everybody,

I have a problem while using the following command to create a base system:

debootstrap --unpack-tarball /path/to/tarball --exclude=exim,pcmcia-cs
--include=postfix,postfix-ldap,postfix-pcre woody /mnt/target

Now, when i log on the freshly installed system:

# newaliases
bash: newaliases: command not found

# ls -l /usr/bin/newaliases
/usr/bin/newaliases -> ../sbin/sendmail

# ls -l ../sbin/sendmail
/usr/sbin/sendmail -> exim

:( So despite, the --exclude=exim, debootstrap seems to install exim stuff
(there is only the links what are created)
Any idea ? I wrote to the postfix package maintainer who told me that it
wasn't a postfix issue but a debootstrap one :(

Best regards,
Gérald Colangelo.

Gérald Colangelo

list at psycho-hazard dot net

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