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Re: debconf4: converting auto-cad shematics - help needed

Am So, den 08.02.2004 schrieb Andreas Schuldei um 00:36:
> we got the shematics/plans of the hotel where debconf4 will take
> place in auto-cad format. but as it happens to be, non of the
> planning-team owns or has access to this great pice of
> propriatary software.
> who could help us to convert that autocat file to something that
> at least can be downloaded/used without payment (eagle comes to
> mind) or produce screenshots for us, if all else fails?
> we need this to do wlan/AP planning and other preparations and
> coordination.
Look at the following programms, they are able to work with .dxf files:
dime - DXF Import, Manipulation, and Export programs.
qcad - a professional CAD System


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