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Re: debconf4: converting auto-cad shematics - help needed

* Bernd S. Brentrup (bsb@winnegan.de) [040208 01:13]:
> I'm not sure it helps, but OOo draw imports *.dxf, which was
> AutoCADs preferred export format in the early 90's IIRC.

yes, this is a dxf file, and open office opens it. but it refuses
to zoom further then 600%, which is not enought to differentiate
between rooms.

> DXF was an acronym for Data eXchange Format and if it hasn't changed
> to much, a script for converting to .fig is not very hard to write.

oh? is there such a script somewhere?

> Can you tell which AutoCAD version is needed to read the plan?

no, i dont know. i searched for "version" or "autocad" in the file,
but i did not find anything. how is the version encoded?

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