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Re: Javascript libraries in debian

#include <hallo.h>
* Greg Folkert [Fri, Feb 06 2004, 10:29:33AM]:

> > What would be a good way to deal with the situation? Is it sufficient
> > to let both packages conflict with each other?
> Zounds.... This sounds like a job for our Super Hero:\
> "update-alternatives"
> And having both packages use unique names and then you choose your
> alternative.

This calls for trouble since you have a management layer above

IMHO it would be better to mediate between upstream authors.
Let them choose different SONAMEs, idealy they should modify the base
name. Or they could find an agreement to use even / odd soname numbers
so the applications would never look for the wrong library. Though, -dev
packages would still need to conflict with each either and have
different names.

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