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Re: Library packages depending on data files

Am Mi, den 04.02.2004 schrieb Adrian Bunk um 14:02:

> Considering how many problems binaries that were linked with multiple 
> versions of libraries that don't use versioned symbols have caused in 
> the past (well-known examples are libpng and libssl), I'd like to hear 
> good reasons in favor of having multiple so-versions installed at the 
> same time.

Well, if a library with a new ABI enters sid, and the old one would be
removed, all packages depending on the old lib would break. Same holds
for testing transitions: The new library can only enter testing when all
packages have been recompiled (or whatever is needed to use the new

However in my case that is (presently) a non issue. The libraries are
part of OpenGroupware.org, and presently there are no other programs
using them. I don't know if they are too OGo specific for that ever be
the case. Then having multiple ABI versions installed would make no

OTOH, I can't ensure that anyone starts using the libraries in a non OGo
context and then it would certainly make sense to have multiple ABI
versions of them installed.

I contacted upstream about the problem, I'll wait what they say.


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