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Re: ftp-master moved to newraff

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 12:09:58PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > Sorry for the lack of notice.  Although migrating ftp-master to a more
> > powerful and better connected machine was always a long term plan, it
> > recently became much more immediately necessary.
> Can someone elaborate on that, please?

Now that you've heard the semi-official version from Ben, here's the
semi-disgruntled version from myself :) The information below is pretty
much publically available altogether, I just happen to have it in a
condensed form.

auric's ISP was never too bandwidth-friendly for our purposes; the few
non-American machines in the first tier were always relegated to bits and
pieces of the available bandwidth, which wasn't exactly plentiful for the
American ones either. The time of day when auric pushed out its <= 2.8 MB/s
peak happened to match the local peak time so this just couldn't change
without changing the time of day the push happened (and that means messing
with a tree of probably around a thousand leaves, so wasn't much of an
option either).

Recently, after some sort of an incident that I know very little about, it
went from bad to oh-God-please-throw-an-iron-and-don't-miss.
The syncproxy.eu rsync statistics from the week before the move illustrate
it nicely:

wrote 2675148 bytes  read 1087451690 bytes  206992.66 bytes/sec
wrote 2569324 bytes  read 1049646158 bytes  217018.76 bytes/sec
wrote 2554160 bytes  read 1610672803 bytes  138945.52 bytes/sec
wrote 2657932 bytes  read 1377642623 bytes  105644.68 bytes/sec
wrote 2581842 bytes  read 1179111693 bytes  111160.67 bytes/sec
wrote 2598258 bytes  read 1141220688 bytes  88152.21 bytes/sec
wrote 2579946 bytes  read 1032910774 bytes  23205.05 bytes/sec

That last one ended about ten hours later than normal, causing analogous
issues here in Europe because it was no longer done during the night,
but instead in the morning hours (a minor daily peak time in most places).

But, those days are finally over. With Above.net's genuinely Fat Pipes and
good work done by James Troup (possibly others, dunno), we are now able to
get speeds from ftp-master that are comparable to the intra-continental
ones. In addition, several fixes are getting done to the Australian mirrors,
and the U.S. rotation is getting better balanced. Work is still in progress
but the improvements are already showing.

If the mirror hierarchy was an entity that had the ability to be pleased,
it would be most pleased with this change :)

I'll probably be posting an extended explanation on the debian-mirrors
mailing list after things settle down a bit.

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