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Re: KDE 3.1.5 Status Update - 20040129

(cross-posted to -devel, as I think people who don't track -qt-kde should be 
in on the discussion)

>KDE is still not anywhere near ready to go into sarge. Most of it is
>caused by the buildd admins. You can see the dates of last state change
>on the various packages, many of them have been stuck for over 2 weeks!
>BTW - KDE 3.2 is nearly ready to go into sid now.

Please let KDE 3.1.5 get into sarge.  While I use sid myself, and I am 
definitely looking forward to KDE 3.2, I would hate for the next Debian 
release to not have KDE 3.x in it.  It looks to me like all that needs to 
happen for 3.1.5 to get into testing is rebuilds on many of the buildds.

Of course, I would love for the next Debian release to contain 3.2, but with 
the size of KDE, I will be amazed if 3.2 doesn't initially have some bugs on 
some archs.

I propose that the initial upload of KDE 3.2 be made to experimental rather 
than unstable.  Anyonw who is tracking sid ought to be able to figure out how 
to get 3.2 from experimental.  This would allow some initial testing to be 
done on the packages to make sure there aren't intractable bugs that will 
keep them in unstable for months, while also giving 3.1.5 time to make it to 

Josh Metzler

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