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Re: Re: w3m -> standard, lynx -> optional


> This is the right decision. (e)links has a lot of misfeatures that
> make it unsuitable as default text based web browser. links cannot do
> http auth, and elinks has the annoying habit of unpacking .tar.gz
> files on the fly during download (and putting the ungzipped .tar into
> the filesystem as .tar.gz). Additional, elinks has a dependency list
> from here to the moon, and is not something one would like to have on
> a lightweight system.

  regarding the unpacking, it was fixed in 0.9.0 - it just does not
decompress the files with these extensions, which I admit is far from
being ideal, but we are working on a solution when both compressed and
decompressed image will be kept in memory and the compressed will be the
one always going to disk (plus some checkbox in the save-as dialog to
save the uncompressed version).

  Speaking of the dependencies, I fear I cannot help there. ELinks
itself is completely standalone and has no required dependency
_altogether_, all the dependencies are optional from my standpoint.

  PS: I'm not subscribed so please Cc me.

  Kind regards,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis
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