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Re: php4-apache2 [was: Re: Top 5 things (php4-apache2)]

On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 10:24:14AM +0100, Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> phpldapadmin and phpwiki were not usable with my modified php4-apache2
> packages!

If you think the problem lies in phpwiki, by all means file a bug -
preferably with a patch that doesn't break operation for apache 1.3.  But as
Donald Becker said, "Three of your friends throw up after eating chicken
salad.  Do you think 'I should find more robust friends' or 'we should check
that refrigerator'?".

After talking to Rasmus last week about this very issue (and I was
originally skeptical of his claims), I believe that it will be *very*
difficult to get something the size of PHP4 working fully threaded.  There's
just too many third-party libraries of varying quality out there that php4
modules might end up using.  I've heard tell that if the prefork model in
apache2 gets quicker, then that's an option, as is doing unpleasant things
with large scale mutexes - but they both totally ruin any performance gain
you might have had by going the threaded model.

And having put together some threaded code in my younger days, I totally
agree with Rasmus on his "not smart enough" comment.  Waaaay too mind
bending, especially once you get into large chunks of other people's code.

- Matt

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