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Re: w3m -> standard, lynx -> optional

On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 08:04:12PM +0000, James Troup wrote:
> Hi,
> As the lynx maintainer, I've demoted lynx to optional and, with the
> permission of the w3m maintainer, promoted w3m to standard.

Good idea but please check elinks package as another candidate and make
decision based on comparing them.

> (and some library packages it depends on).

"depends on" what? You mean w3m or lynx?

> Much as I love and use lynx myself, I think it's past time a text-mode
> browser with better table support is made the default.  (I'm assuming
> this will be relatively uncontroversial, but if I'm wrong, this can
> always be undone.)

I tested 2 text based browsers:

 elinks (command=links)
  * cursor moves like lynx by following links and form entry points
  * form entry was successful
  * screen dump can be limited to some width
  * ssl with GNUTLS 
  * quit with "q" -> "Enter" or "y" (like lynx)
  * colors are plain and only indicating links.
  * Just English
  * cursor moves character by character (very different from lynx)
  * form entry was unsuccessful  (sourceforge SSL password)
  * screen dump can be limited to some width
  * ssl with ?
  * quit with "q" -> only "y" (annoys me for pager and browser use)
  * lots of colors on Linux console
  * Japanese support (but not much more CJK support)
      -- Actually w3m selects w3m-en or w3m-ja to be started
  * You can use this as fancy pager for Japanese where "less" breaks man
    command display.

> James

If you choose w3m, please check form entry issues and different cursor
movement issue before making final decision.

I personally do not have strong opinion but I tend to use "links" more
than "w3m" on my console despite being Japanese :-)


PS: Sometime lynx is more useful for making text output for processing
further with other text tools since it does not make fancy form things.

PS2: I do use w3m in my package build for my package.

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