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Re: w3m -> standard, lynx -> optional

Mateusz Papiernik <mati@maticomp.net> wrote:
> James Troup wrote:
>> As the lynx maintainer, I've demoted lynx to optional and, with the
>> permission of the w3m maintainer, promoted w3m to standard (and some
>> library packages it depends on).

>> Much as I love and use lynx myself, I think it's past time a text-mode
>> browser with better table support is made the default.  (I'm assuming
>> this will be relatively uncontroversial, but if I'm wrong, this can
>> always be undone.)

> I agree, that lynx is somehow past thing, and is not really friendly to 
> the end-user. But why w3m, and not e.g. links (eLinks acctually)? What 
> really important advantages it has against links? As I noticed, w3m 
> can't render page while downloading, and user must wait to finish, if he 
> wants to see the page.

links shares lynx' evil keybindings. 

I somehow got stuck with w3m because it works well and has
"confirm_qq 0" as option while ELinks always asks the ******
question "Do you really want to exit ELinks". At least in woody
w3m simply looks more finalized, too. w3m offers tab-completion
at the save-to-file prompt.
            cu andreas
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