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RFC: New aolserver package available in my staging area

Hi DDs and all who have been and yet are interested in the status of AOLServer
for Debian. That long awaited package (pre4.1) is available at 

	deb-src http://people.debian.org/~frankie/debian/sid/experimental/aolserver/ ./
	deb http://people.debian.org/~frankie/debian/sid/experimental/aolserver/ ./

This work is essentially based on my previuos 3.5.6 version. 
All of you are invited to install and contribute to debugging ASAP.

A subtle and tediuous bug requires now to explicit specify all binding
addresses on both the command line and the configuration file. That's
required on Linux to use a conventional privileged port. 
Main changes are due to that. If someone had a patch to pre-binding
privileged ports in current AOLServer is surely welcome.

Now, what? My main idea is simply to remove/modify all init script management and
configuration craps used since the Brent's days (aolsrvconfig & C). 
I already find in the  past (working on other servers like proftpd) that 
the idea of managing by debconf+scripting this kind of programs is simply bad. 
Their configurations (and syntaxes) are simply too complicated to be managed 
automatically and ensure smooth upgrades too, with the needed flexibility.

So, the sid version will install only a default file (with proper
parameters) and will use ucf to allow proper human-managed merging 
of local modifications. Example configurations and installation notes 
are also welcome. AOLServer is seriuosly under-documented, currently.

Someone asked if aolserver4 will be a new package. I simply do not see
any reason to do that. Is there someone who can show me proof of
evidence to maintain two different trees in Debian? We did not do that
in the past.


Francesco P. Lovergine

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