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Re: clamav outdated / maintainer MIA

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Thomas Lamy wrote:
| Hello list,
| I noticed that clamav-* is hopefully outdated and buggy. upstream's
| 0.65+CVS changes fixes at least 10 of the filed bugs against it (not
| including the wishlist "update to 0.65"), but Magnus Ekdahl seems to be
| MIA.

True. My job will have to be prioritized in the foreseeable future. I
should have orphaned this package long ago.

Fortunatly there have been a lot of people offering to do something
about it (even exluding those in this thread). You should probably be
communicating with them too.

Luca 'NERvOus' Gibelli and Mike Cathey offered to help maintaining the
package. They have a 0.65 package at: http://clamav.catt.com/debian

Stephen Gran have also offered to help and have secured some 'work' time
to do it on. The last mail he sent me mentioned a pre-package that would
fix many bugs.

All the others I have forgotten about.

To be honest, I don't think this version should make it into Sarge
| at this state.

No, probably not.

| I'm an active contributor to the clamav project, and a long standing
| debian user, but not (yet?) a dd myself.
| What are the proper steps to
| - get an updated package into sid

The fastest way would be to work with Stephen Gran, since he is already
a debian developer and was looking into the issue before this thread.
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