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Re: The stable/testing/unstable branches not a solution ?

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004 09:53:16 -0600, Joel Konkle-Parker <jjk3@msstate.edu> wrote:

Matthew A. Nicholson wrote:
Might I suggest a different approach. Currently a lot of the hold-ups in debian are caused by desktop oriented packages. I think debian should be split into two branches like this:

         /        \
        /          \
desktop-testing     testing
       |            |
       |            |
desktop-stable      stable

I would do it differently. What about the following:

unstable base         unstable add-ons
      |                       |
      |                       |
testing base                  |
      |                       |
      |                       |
stable base            stable add-ons

An intresting approach. But I think having one unstable and multiple testings (and even multiple stables) is a better idea:

          /        \________________________
         /                     |            \
 desktop-testing         base-testing     server-testing
        |      \___            |             |
        |          \           |             |
 desktop-stable    |       base-stable    server-stable

But excessive branching could become a problem. But I think it would be better to just add different branches under unstable, that way the same packages could be is the server and desktop branches. For example a lot of people want ssh on their desktop systems, so perhaps that package would be in server-testing and desktop-testing.

If a user wanted to have a mixed system, they could install base-stable then uncomment the lines in sources.list that point to the desktop and server repos, or any combo they want...

Once again, excessive branching could quickly become a problem (aka desktop-base under desktop-testing along with desktop-devel, desktop-multimedia...). Now this branching would not be difficult from a technical standpoint, but that's extra release managers and what not, and worring "hey is my package in desktop-base and in desktop-devel?" Just throwing ideas around.

Matthew A. Nicholson

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