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Re: [multiarch] Proposal for *-dev packages

Andy MacKay <mackay@ghs.com> writes:

> Note: I'm not a developer, I'm just a long-time Debian user and
> (non-Debian) software developer subscribed to this list -- if that means
> you automatically ignore me, so be it.
> There are two things being said here, and they aren't necessarily
> contradictory.  The first is the argument that being able to
> simultaneously install -dev packages from multiple sub-architectures
> will make things hugely complicated.  The second is the argument that on
> an AMD64 system, because the hardware happens to be able to run i386
> binaries with no performance penalty, developers *may* want to be able
> to build i386 binaries without resorting to a chroot.

That means you can just as well install a chroot.

The big goal is to have an amd64 system behave exactly like i386 if
the 32 bit environment is set.

linux32 $SHELL ---> Your on i386 for all compiling and packaging
                    intents and purposes.

That would be perfect.

> Aside from their actual merit let's say that both of these are mostly
> true, for the sake of argument.
> An alternative no one has mentioned is creating a "pure" AMD64 Debian
> arch and adding a suite of i386 cross-development packages to the
> distribution.  That would go some way towards solving the problem at
> hand without making all the Debian developers' lives more difficult, and
> give architectures besides AMD64 (IA64 is another notable one where it
> might be interesting) the ability to build i386 packages without having
> to resort to lots of library and compiler building and installation in
> /usr/local/i386-cross (or something similar, which is what I'll probably
> have to do if Debian doesn't offer a more convenient solution).

Cross developement packages will never fully make "linux32 apt-get
build-dep foo; linux32 apt-get -b source foo" work as nicely.

And if apt-get build-dep and similar doesn't work a chroot is just

> Anyway, I'll go back to lurking now -- in case no one's said it lately,
> thanks for all your hard and often underappreciated work to make Debian
> the pleasure it is to use and admin.  Wish I had time to actually help
> you all out more than just cheerleading and making suggestions from the
> sidelines.


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