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Re: A Radical Multi-Arch Counter-Proposal

* Anthony DeRobertis (asd@suespammers.org) wrote:
> Proposal:
>      A. dpkg will be extended to support installing two packages with
>         the same name, but different ABIs, as previously proposed.

Yeah, so, you've already killed it, sorry.  Lots of assumptions in the
system based on single-package single-name, not to mention much more
complex for our users to have to deal with.

>      B. dpkg will be extended to support two packages with the same name
>         (as above) both owning the same file. It will only remove a file
>         from the filesystem when the last owning package is removed.

Uhhh, and if the files are different between the two packages?  What
about different versions of the packages?  I see below you're just going
to 'error out', there's a small problem there though, that's probably
going to be pretty often and that makes it not a reasonable thing to do.
Not to mention the added complexity to dpkg, bringing in lots of
opportunity for bugs and making life that much more confusing for our


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