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Hey there!

Today I was reading at http://planet.debian.net (nice site btw) and
stumbled into that a new DWN had been released.. 
Read there, that a new "Attempted Progress Report: Sarge" was released..
That made me happy, was all warm inside when the last report was
released.. i read the new release, and read most of the posts following
on the mailinglist.

As a non debian-developer i still has some points that im sure has been
taken up before, at all major releases.. (woody,potato etc..), but
thought you wanted to hear them anyway..

Im _glad_ to hear that Sarge is closer than it ever has been to a 
release..  :)

It hurts my eyes to read about all the fuss about how people argue about
how a new version of gcc would or wouldnt affect the distribution as a

Ofcourse one can imagine that if most packages were built with gcc
version X and libc version Y that it would be a problem if a newer
version of them both were introduced.. 
But still one can also understand how the developers want to wait for
new releases that introduces bugfixes, but _Most_ new releases introduce
bugfixes for older releases. So, i see this as a for(;;); loop..
I imagine that this is what the freeze is for. 

And for me, it feels as if the base-system is most important to be
perfect, than perhaps the graphical tools.. since most graphical tools
is beeing used on workstations, and the base-system + commandline tools
is beeing used on servers. 

Dont get me wrong guys/girls, I _REALLY_ appreciate your struggle for
perfection. REALLY!!
But still, perhaps there might be an idea to loosen the strictness

Anyway, this is kindof my way to tell you guys/girls that you are doing
a Awsome job, and ... a release now or later, doesnt matter to me..

Why was this mail written? 
I thougth you might appreciate thoughts from a user!

And, Appreciation encourages people!!

Best regards

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