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Re: dueling banjos


thanks to Matt Kern, because he gave the right RTFM-hint:

~> man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf
       These settings differ from the ones above, in that they are considered
       'privileged'.  Only users running "spamassassin" from their proc-
       mailrc's or forward files, or sysadmins editing a file in "/etc/spamas-
       sassin", can use them.   "spamd" users cannot use them in their
       "user_prefs" files, for security and efficiency reasons, unless
       allow_user_rules is enabled (and then, they may only add rules from

       allow_user_rules { 0 | 1 }         (default: 0)
           This setting allows users to create rules (and only rules) in their
           "user_prefs" files for use with "spamd". It defaults to off,
           because this could be a severe security hole. It may be possible
           for users to gain root level access if "spamd" is run as root. It
           is NOT a good idea, unless you have some other way of ensuring that
           users' tests are safe. Don't use this unless you are certain you
           know what you are doing. Furthermore, this option causes spamassas-
           sin to recompile all the tests each time it processes a message for
           a user with a rule in his/her "user_prefs" file, which could have a
           significant effect on server load. It is not recommended.

So I added the rules Bas Zoetekouw proposed to


(not to forget restarted /etc/init.d/spamassassin) and it works now. ;-)

Nice academic example to enhance spamassassin while enhancing the
Google score for "DUELLING BANJOS" one more times. ;-))

Kind regards


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