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Re: DEMOCRATICAL election of Codenames of Debian [Before "Re: And next name after Sarge? or PROPOSAL for Codenames' election"]

Xan <DXpublica@telefonica.net> writes:

> 1) It's a election of a non-technical part of Debian and I think that it's 
> have to be made democratically. As if a group of persons have to make a 
> decission, they vote the alternatives, it's natural to make the same in this 
> case.

How fun people are eager to democratically divide advantages or power
even as small and ridiculous as deciding distributions names, whereas
they have no problem letting others dealing with burdens.

> 2) With democratic election, aj will have less work.


> 3) It suggests interest by all the debian newbees:
> 		1) It were fun by them
> 		2) It were clear that Debian is a distro made by and for the people.

Contributing efficiently to Debian by fixing some RC bugs would surely
be the best option for the people to make Debian.  There are loads of
issues that need more attention from users than choosing something as
unimportant as distribution code names.


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