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Re: Bug#226593: ITP: prime -- a Japanese PRedictive Input Method Editor


Anthony DeRobertis <asd@suespammers.org> wrote:
Message-ID: <[🔎] 67A0A898-4216-11D8-A09C-00039317863E@suespammers.org>

> > Package: wnpp
> > Severity: wishlist
> >
> > * Package name    : prime
> >   Description     : a Japanese PRedictive Input Method Editor
> >
> >  PRIME predicts user's input words using the knowledge of natural
> >  language and the history of user's operations, and reduces the cost
> >  of typing by the user.  For example, if a user wants to input
> >  "application" and types "ap" as the beginning characters of the word,
> >  PRIME might predict some candidate words like "apple", "application",
> What languages does this package work for? From the short description, 
> I'd guess Japanese; from the long description English; and overall, I'm 
> not sure.
> Please clarify the long description.

PRIME aims to work for Japanese, though it can handle English with
a proper dictionary.  I'll rewrite the example in the long description
with Japanese words.


 Hidetaka Iwai

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