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util-linux seems to have /sbin/fsck

Hi, I am using XFS on kernel-image-2.6.0-test11-1-386.
I don't use EXT3, EXT2 anymore. I don't need e2fsprogs package.
Therefore, I try to remove e2fsprogs. But, initscripts needed e2fsprogs,
Because e2fsprogs has /sbin/fsck and /etc/init.d/checkfs.sh uses /sbin/fsck.

I think /sbin/fsck must be packed in not e2fsprogs but util-linux,
initscripts must need util-linux and util-linux must suggest e2fsprogs or xfsprogs.
because util-linux already has /sbin/mkfs. and XFS users doesn't use e2fsprogs except of /sbin/fsck.

How do you think about that? Is it bug?

Writing in English is strange to me.

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lists.debian.org hate me? Hm...

Thank you,

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