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Re: ITH: tftpd-hpa and tftpd servers default rootdirs

(A late Happy NewYear to everybody)

On Thu, Jan 01, 2004 at 11:07:47PM +0200, Jaakko Niemi <liiwi@lonesom.pp.fi> wrote...
>  I hereby announce my intentions to hijack tftp-hpa source
>  package. I mailed the currently listed maintainer recently,
>  but haven't heard back yet. 

Please go ahead and adopt the package with my blessings. Unforrtunately
I havn't had the time to give the package the care it deserves. I'm currently
trying to get my act together again regarding Debian and wish to keep my
other packages. But for this one, I don't use it anymore so somebody with more
direct interest in it is welcome.

>  While preparing new version, I looked at the defaults and
>  noticed that our various tftpd packages use most horrible
>  defaults for the directory that tftpd serves out. atftpd
>  defaults to /tftpboot, netkit-tftpd defaults to /boot 
>  and current version of tftpd-hpa goes for /var/ftpd. 

I actually don't remember why I ended up in /var/ftpd (never corrected
typo of tftpd ? :-) but I remember reading the FHS and that it was clear that
it had to be _somewhere_ under /var. I think I debated with myself wheter
/var or /var/lib was the correct place but don't remember the final arguments.

	Oliver M. Bolzer

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