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Re; Fixing the lm-sensors/i2c mess

David Z. Maze wrote:
Maybe the best actual solution is to repackage lm-sensors 2.6.5,
patched to work around the constants-in-newlines problem; then we
could straightforwardly go back to having prebuilt kernel modules, and
while we'd have to rebuild dependent packages against libsensors1, at
least the world won't end the way it does now.

Nope, nope, this is no good, because it breaks *forward*-compatibility with kernel 2.6. And it would slow things down terribly to force yet *another* recompilation -- only to have to migrate back to libsensors2 after sarge. :-P

See the later messages in the thread; probably the best solution is just to document the problems, close the bugs, and deal with it. :-P

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