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Re: Bug#225999: ITP: debsync -- installed packages synchronization tool

Arnaud Vandyck <avdyk@debian.org> wrote:


>> Ideally, I'd like debsync (or another piece of software) to be able to
>> cope with apt pinning for instance. And synchronize apt config files
>> too.
> That was not in the first description you made from the tool. Maybe
> that's why I'm not understanding your point.
>> Oh, and I'd like to define classes of remote hosts, with per-class
>> include/exclude lists (think kernel, think different
>> architectures). And a test-mode that would run on a test host defined
>> for each class, before running the update for the whole class.
> That was not clear in your definition!

>From my first reply to you :

> The interest of debsync, IMHO, does not really reside in what it can
> do *now* but rather in what it will be able to do in the future (like
> processing the remote hosts in parallel rather than one after the
> other).

I thought that was clear enough, so let me rephrase : debsync
currently doesn't do much more than the standard dpkg
--{get,set}-selections, but I hope it'll be improved with features
like the ones I cited.

I'm low on time these days, but it's something I'd like to work on and
will work on depending on my availability.

The example probably wasn't the best one to demonstrate that (that was
the first step I thought of, and didn't want to start exposing some
random ideas I have flying around), but still, that was the idea
behind this whole paragraph. Let's add the features.


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