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Re: Bug#225465: debian-policy: packages must give choice to notstart at boot, via debconf

I wrote:
> Try:
> . /etc/default/package # this contains "RUN_package_AT_BOOT" 
> test -z "$RUN_package_AT_BOOT" && echo $0 | grep -q '^S' && exit 0

Joel writes:
> hmm I try also try this example but failed to me 

It should read:
test -z "$RUN_package_AT_BOOT" && echo $(basename $0) | grep -q '^S' && exit 0

It was just an untested example fragment.  The idea is to check to see if
the script is being called via one of the sysvinit 'S' symlinks.  This lets
you call '/etc/init.d/$PACKAGE' from the command line even if
/etc/default/package is set to prevent startup at boot.  It doesn't fix the
problem of daemons being started on reinstallation, though.

> Now I not quite sure how startup scripts are launched: I mean if
> /etc/rci.d is added in the PATH then ok "echo $0 | grep -q '^S'" would
> work OTC not?

I don't understand what you are asking.

> Its major inconvience: not applicable for all shell

If you disable all the K links the daemon won't be shut down properly on
halt or reboot and won't be stopped when entering init 1.  I also don't see
why the absence of StartCfgFile should completely disable the script.
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin

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