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Calling all boat anchors!

The TenDRA project (http://www.ten15.org) has come a long way in the vibrant two
years that have passed. Development has been quite steady and as a result of
this a lot of excellent changes have been brought into TenDRA to help make it
one of the most modern compilers available.

We're now at the point where more hardware is needed in order to bring
TenDRA up to speed with modern platforms. While none of us have been blessed
with a trust fund, we've managed to scrape together as much hardware as
possible to help us fix a lot of the issues we've come across in test-builds
on platforms such AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Irix, Linux, OSF1, OpenBSD, SCO, Solaris,
SunOS, Ultrix and Unixware.

The limited amount of money the TenDRA project has is better spent on improving
its build, development and regression cluster. We ask all of you to please
donate your unused hardware to the TenDRA project to assure that it has a brighter
future (and possibly one day assure a brighter future for you :)

Please keep in mind, if your favorite operating system is not listed or you
wish for more emphasis to be put into your platform we would be more than happy
to target your donated hardware for this goal.  Despite the amount of time such
tasks may take, the TenDRA team will eventually get around to it.

Currently, we support the PowerPC, HP-PA, MIPS, IA32, Alpha and SPARC CPU's.
A full list can be found here http://www.ten15.org/support/

Our donations page contains the complete list of hardware we're currently 
looking for: http://www.ten15.org/support/

Please CC us on all replies, as it is too difficult for us to monitor all replies.

Thank you,
The TenDRA Project

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