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debian/patches status: 001a, 001b, 003

* 001a_damn_cpp_3.3_to_hell.diff
Unchanged (except for offsets); renamed 003a_damn_cpp_3.3_to_hell.diff

* 001b_m68k_haslinuxinput_too.diff
Merged into 003_linux.cf_and_xfree86.cf.diff

* 003_xfs-fixes.diff
99% upstream.  But these bits aren't:
  - Handle pid files the way most other Unix daemons do.  Use Matthieu
    Herrb's version of StorePid(), which refuses to open pre-existing pid
    files, and is more careful with the type of Pid_t.
(Upstream has absorbed some of the changes and not all as far as I can tell; 
this probably requires some careful scrutiny.)
  - Allow the user to specify the pid filename on the command line with a
    "-pid" option (courtesy of Nikita V. Youshchenko).
  - Document the new "-pid" option (courtesy of Nikita V. Youshchenko).
There are also some related missing changes in SetDaemonState.

Apart from xfs.man and os/utils.c, though, the rest seems to be upstream.

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