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Re: ITH: tftpd-hpa and tftpd servers default rootdirs

On Thu, 01 Jan 2004, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> >  Standard according to what? Not FHS at least, and we don't have
> As I said, "my experience".  That's where people use it, document it,
> et cetera.  For instance, a lot of embedded development products
> include documentation on installing a TFTP server on your host and
> configuring it; they tend to reference /tftpboot.

 And only one of our tftp servers currently uses it by default,
 and it's not even created by package installation. 
> >  binaries in /etc either anymore. Could we get rid of the assumption
> >  that tftp is used only for booting other systems? There is no
> What else would you use it for?  No, seriously, I'm curious.  It's such
> a half-assed excuse for a file transfer protocol.

 To transfer files to embedded devices :) And no, the files are not
 used for booting them. 
> >  practical reason on this age anymore to keep it in / as we have
> >  enough disk space so that we don't need to symlink the kernel
> >  and base system images to another directory in root filesystem.
> > 
> >  Out of all over fourty tftpd installations that I've seen, only 
> >  two used /tftpboot and the operating systems were over decade
> >  old. As for other distributions, at least Mandrake and RH seem
> >  to ship with default being in /var/lib.
> Most of my currently-in-use targets require me to type the boot path at
> least a couple of times a day.  So I dislike anything that makes it
> deeper :)

 There's nothing stopping you in making the directory to your root
 filesystem and changing the one single place where is mentioned 
 in either inetd.conf or daemon configuration file. It's the package
 defaults we're talking here.


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