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Re: MIA, Incompetent and holiday-loving maintainers (was: Request for NMUs.)

* Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> [2004-01-01 15:39]:
> May I ask why it's not linked from the qa.debian.org page? That link
> was almost impossibile to found for me, maybe the same happened to
> other developers?

The QA web site is a POS; I intend to write a QA HOWTO which will
cover this and other aspects.  Unfortunately, when I asked which
topics to cover I didn't even get a response (although this is not the
reason I haven't started on the HOWTO yet).  See

However, the QA web site has a link "How to report inactive
maintainers" to a section of the Developers' Reference which covers
most things:

This section currently doesn't mention mia-check, but a wishlist bug
has been filed about this (#213961: document MIA database).  I might
submit a patch for this later today, thanks for reminding me.

For those who're really interested in this, I have written a paper
about the problem of inactive maintainers.  I cannot put it on a web
site currently, but you can grab a copy from gluck.d.o:~tbm/mia.pdf
if you agree not to circulate it widely (non-DDs can mail me

> BTW Am I completely fool or this stuff used to be called "Debian MIA
> Check" in the past?

Yeah, somee people have called it that - but it's not a fully
automated system or anything, as your last mail seemed to suggest.

Martin Michlmayr

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