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Re: dpkg-sig: sign binary debian archive files

* George Danchev (danchev@spnet.net) [031228 21:25]:
> > No. The verification capabilities of dpkg-sig are aequivalent to the
> > package extraction capabilities of dpkg-deb - very usefull if one
> > needs such a thing, but not the default usage in daily operation. For
> > the everyday signature verification I recommend a more high-level tool
> > than dpkg-sig.

> Good. Please describe this in your policy.html for further references... and 
> your suggestions for the high-level tools for daily usage too ...

Well, policy is IMHO not the right place, but I started with
http://dpkg-sig.turmzimmer.net/faq.html and put there snippets from
this thread.

More questions (and other suggestions) are welcome.

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