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Re: apt 0.6 in experimental

On Saturday 27 December 2003 01:44, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> This branch of apt represents a first pass at merging "apt-secure" into apt
> proper.  Other new features are planned, but this is the first.  I would
> very much appreciate if folks would upgrade to this version of apt and help
> to test it.  It should be available within the next day or so from a Debian
> mirror near you.

Ok, if one have an old debian installations (being upgraded for years or so) 
where the installed packages have not been verified, then he/she starts to 
use the new tools to verify the signatures of newly installed debs. Now is 
there an easy way to check out how many of the installed packages were 
verified for good signature and how many of them were not ?

> Once you have experimental in your sources.list, do this:
> apt-get -t experimental install apt

I'm downloading apt 0.6.1 from incoming.debian.org now. Btw, where is the APT 
source control repo presently ? It would be nice if one can check it out from 
cvs.debian.org, svn.debian.org or alioth.debian.org. Thanks.

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