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Re: Bug#224742: Related to this issue...

On Fri, Dec 26, 2003 at 04:43:59PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> No. The wontfix tag is for valid bugs that can't be fixed -- things that
> are desirable, but conflict with other desirable features. The change
> you want is not a useful feature at all. Stop wasting your time on this
> and implement it the way that actually works.

Again, I think the way it actually works should be changed, and I think
it's useful for this *technical* considerations of mine to be held in
the records.

> > As a wishlist bug, this is not a BTS
> > abuse, AFAIK, at all.  
> Repeatedly reopening bugs without adding any further information is
> BTS abuse.

I have added further information, i.e. more reasons for which I think my
wish is meaningful, every time I reopened the bug.  How can you possibly
say I abused the BTS?  And what nice conclusions did you add to the bts
to close the bug besides very cozy "don't fuck with this"-like messages?

> > And, please, stop threatening people trying to improve things.
> What you're _actually_ doing is obstinately insisting things be done
> your way, and ignoring out of hand the alternatives. You can do that all
> you like, but not in the BTS entries for other people's packages.
> > > So don't reopen it.
> > I'm sorry...
> Voila, your access to the control bot is revoked. Act like a grown up
> for a month, and it'll be re-enabled.
> You do realise, btw, that this sort of behaviour is going to convince
> me that you're not worth listening to in general ever again, right? Grow
> up already.

Sorry for pissing in your territory.

I still think the way you handled this case (and this final happy end)
should need some review by other people of the community.

Because you may have created whatever BTS you want, and I may also be
grateful to you for that, but you are, in a way or another, part of a
community.  Which may or may not share your ideas, and which may
sometimes be worth of more respect.



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