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Arabic Linguist

Nabil S. Georges               NSGEORGES1@AOL.COM                                  US CITIZEN
Box 18249 
Washington, DC 20036-8249

Engineering           Civil, structural, architectural design and drafting                                                                                                                                                      
Construction          Management, supervision, contract administration and cost estimations                                                 
Marketing              Materials, consumer product consultation and translations                                 
Graphics                 Calligraphy, graphic design, production and consultations  
Lang. Services       Translations, Interpreting and  Teaching Arabic and English (ESL)
News Analysis       World and Middle East consulting                       
Broadcast               Satellite broadcasts (live) and audio/video recording
Network                 Television and motion picture - Consultation (cultural and language)
Hospitality              Hotel and Restaurant Management and Marketing   
Customs                 Participated in USAID government exchange training programs                                                                                                                                                                    
Travel                     Egypt, UK, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Switzerland, Austria 
PC & Web             Basic office work and website design (USAGB.com)  
Civil Engineering and English
Training at  FORSCOM - DOD Language Institute- Fort Lewis, Washington

Language Services Experience:
      Superior Court of LA California, and State of Maryland
      DOJ Certified Linguist
      US Dept. of  Defense, DIA, and State Dept.
      Transemantics, Inc.,  Washington, DC
      Berlitz Translation Services
      Language Learning Enterprises (LLE), Washington, DC
      Bilingual, Rockville, MD
      Allied Interpreting Services, Los Angeles, CA
      Omni Language Services, New York, NY
      International Translations, Los Angeles, CA
      Trans World Interpreters, Los Angeles, CA
      CACI, Arlington, VA
      Private industry,Arab embassies, hospitals and corporate law firms
ABC Network News
         Gulf operations - Interpretation and translation services
         Interpreted  ME Presidents via satellite for ABC News (live broadcast)
         Peace Accords - Interpretation and translation services
                  (audio-to-video/translation voice-over)
          Consultant and language advisor in productions:
          Mr.President, Uncle Sam" series, Coached cast and advised director
Engineering Experience :
                Quality Control Engineer, Administrator,Marketing Consultant, Contract Administrator,
                Civil, Structural, and Civil  Draftsman, Quantity Surveyor, Construction Estimator/Contract                    
              Washington Gas Company, Springfield, VA
              Moseman Construction Company (Subsidiary of Stolte)   
              Sheladia Associates, Inc.; Gaithersburg, MD
              Tadjer, Cohen, Edelson; Silver Spring, MD
              TAD Technical Services, Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA
              Albert C. Martin Associates; Los Angeles, CA
              DPL Consulting Firm, Ltd.,  in Maryland, Nevada,  and California
              Government of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Telegraph, Post and Telephone
              Buhler Brothers, Ltd., Uzwil, Switzerland
              Lawog Architects, Linz, Austria
              Dar Al-Handasah Engineers & Consultants, Abu Dhabi, UAE
              Sheladia Associates, Inc.; Gaithersburg, MD
              Tadjer, Cohen, Edelson; Silver Spring, MD
              Albert C. Martin Associates; Los Angeles, CA

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