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Re: master is deferring valid mail again

Joey Hess wrote:
> joey@kite:~>mailq |grep @debian.org |wc -l
> 35
> C62C917FD5     1451 Sat Dec 13 23:00:34  joey@kitenet.net
> (host master.debian.org[] said: 451 rejected: can't currently verify
>  any sender in the header lines (envelope sender is <joey@kitenet.net>) - try la
> ter (in reply to end of DATA command))
>                                          tbm@debian.org
> I remember master did this last spring and DSA fixed it. My host is on a
> static IP, its has proper reverse DNS, and I wish I knew why master keeps
> making my life miserable.

Some testing shows it is rejecting mail whose envolope does not match
From. Not the DNS problem I had with master earlier this year, and AFAIK
this is supposed to work; else why bother with @debian.org email

see shy jo

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