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Re: Lustre File System Support?

Joerg Wendland wrote:
Nick, *,

Nick Pavlica, on 2003-12-17, 16:28, you wrote:

 I'm trying to find a distribution that would be
willing to add Lustre file system support (it requires
a kernel patch).  If this group is interested, then I
may be able to gather some resources to help add the
support.  It has recently reached production
status(1.0), and would be a valuable tool to many in
the linux community.

This is definitely something we should include in our shiny new
Enteprise Subproject.  Since I am interested in distributed filesystems
I would be willing to start packaging what is necessary for running
luterfs on Debian, but not before New Year ;-)


I'm very happy to get involved in this too. I plan to test out Lustre soon and have access to reasonable hardware resources available for a "test scale" setup. I also admin 100s of node scale clusters which could be moved to Lustre (and Debian) if things look good.

Please keep me in the loop.



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