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Re: libmagick, libmagick++ soname confusion

> For debian-devel: I supposed it was a bug in imagemagick
> that it provided libraries with the wrong sonames [1]. However, now
> that the sonames are correct, shouldn't
> /var/lib/dpkg/info/libmagick++5.5.7.shlibs declare a *versioned*
> dependency, such that people will not try to use a freshly built (say)
> autotrace with 4:, which does not provide .so.6?

I've got an impression that either the package name needs to change.

imagemagick has been rather bad-mannered about shared library versioning;
and ignored

There is still a possibility of mistakes on the part of maintainer scripts 
or something else.

I've got an impression that a versioned dependency is not really going
to help very much in this case, although I have not yet looked closely


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