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Re: glib-devel and libgtk-devel

>>>>> "shridevi" == shridevi anagawadi <shridevi.anagawadi@wipro.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I am trying to install Sylpheed on PC with debian ( Kernel version 2.4).I
> am not able to compile sylpheed. I am not able to download :

Why? Debian unstable already has sylpheed and sylpheed-claws packages?

> libglib version 1.2,
> libglib-devel version 1.2,
> libgtk-devel version1.2
> libgtk version1.2.

apt-get install libgtk1.2-dev should get you all the packages required to
build sylpheed in case you want to do it manually.

> Can anyone one help me to find these sources? Or can anyone help me to
> compile sylpheed?

If you have set your source.list correctly, you can simply do
"apt-get source libgtk1.2 libglib1.2" to get the sources. However, I see no
reason for manually compiling them yourself.


Ganesan R

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