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XFS entering kernel 2.4 tree - Should the installer include support?


I am writing to -devel and not to -boot as I think this should be
visible for most developers, as it can have a huge impact in our

I was reading [1] today that XFS is entering the 2.4 kernel tree -
Being we still reasonably far from having Sarge releasable, what would
you think on adding XFS support in our debian-installer? There are not
many relevant (although they might be quite complicated) bugs in
either xfs-progs or kernel-patch-xfs, and they will surely get
attention from upstrean with this announcement...

What do you think about this? I have never used XFS for my machines,
but have heard quite a lot of good comments about it, and would like
to see it available from the official d-i setup.


[1] http://kerneltrap.org/node/view/1751#comment

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