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Re: Re: Debian packages and freedesktop.org (Gnome, KDE, etc) menu entries

Andrew Suffield wrote:
>That wasn't his argument. However, it's similar, and the response is
>the same: why not simply add these features to the Debian menu system?

Why be gratuitously different?

There's now a standard used by KDE and GNOME which has more features than the 
Debian menu system.

Which makes more sense:

* Investing time in adding features to the Debian menu system, keeping maximum 
menu work on the Debian maintainers, retaining poor GNOME and KDE 
integration, and generally competing with the freedesktop standard

* Adopting the freedesktop standard and absorbing its benefits for GNOME and 
KDE users immediately, while benefiting from upstream work

Frankly, I'm not clear why there's opposition to adopting the freedesktop 
draft specifications in Debian.

Are there any technical complaints about it?  (Apart from "I don't like 
the .desktop extension", which I consider unimportant.)

Is it that it's still a "draft" specification?
Or is it simply that the freedesktop standard currently only works in KDE and 

Perhaps a "backward-compatability-menu" module could be written to 
automagically generate Debian menu entries from .desktop entries.  If this 
would satisfy everyone's complaints, I'll write the damn thing.


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