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Re: apt-rpm article -- the features we don't have

Just making another pass over this to associate the bug numbers for those
who are interested (especially in helping with the merge effort).

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 07:06:41PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:

> To install a package directly, with apt downloading any necessary
> dependencies:
>   apt-get install rpmver-2.0-13498cl.i386.rpm


> Similarly, to check the build depends of a source package file:
>   apt-get build-dep apt-listchanges-1.49-11104cl.src.rpm

#47437 doesn't mention build-dependencies, but the implementation would be
similar, so I don't think it justifies a separate bug.

> Next is a bit about local repositories that work w/o a Packages file.
> Instead of needing to keep the Packages file up-to-date, apt just scans
> the rpm files in the local repository directory. Of course this needs a
> file:// repository. Sounds just a smidgen easier than using
> mini-dinstall.

This is interesting; probably deserves a new wishlist bug.

> There is something vague about improvements in the "upgrading
> algorythm" that may or may not apply to us.

I think these parts are classified in #207400.

> There is a bit about an apt shell which sounds mildly interesting.

Michael Vogt filed a patch as #222271.

 - mdz

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