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Re: xdm: init script's execution can be terminated prematurely if invoke-rc.d run from child process of xdm

Dan Jacobson <jidanni@jidanni.org> writes:

> I recall prepending a nohup:
> root@debian$ nohup invoke-rc.d xdm stop
> solved the problem.  So maybe a nohup or trap inside /etc/init.d/xdm
> would be what you want.  The only problem left then would be cleaning
> up the nohup.out created.
> This could also be done for other /etc/init.d/?dm's.

Thats the users responsibility. You can also use screen or simply &
with a properly configured shell.

If the scripts start to fork off they would all be run in parallel at
boot time and one couldn't ctrl-c them anymore if they run wild.

Also "/etc/init.d/foobar stop; /etc/init.d/foobar start" wouldn't
work. The stop would still be running in the background.

Overall, bad idea.


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