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Re: The term "Custom Debian Distribution" (Was Re: [custom] The term "flavor" and encouraging work on Debian)

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Fabian Fagerholm wrote:

> It might be hard, impossible and undesirable to reverse the decision to
> use the term.

> I think the term can be correctly understood if you
> present it as I have in some recent postings to this list:
> Debian is the super-project.
>         XYZ is a Debian subproject
>         that produces a Custom Debian Distribution
>                 with the flavors A, B and C.
> A subproject is easily understood: it's an organisational structure.
> Basically, it's a group of people working on a subset of Debian. They
> coordinate via a web site and in some cases have a special mailing list.
> Some subprojects create Custom Debian Distributions for their particular
> area of interest. Upon installation of the Custom Debian Distribution,
> you can select between a number of flavors that set some defaults to
> suit a particular use.
Thanks for this clarifying words.

> More ideas? Perhaps some of this could be intergrated into the Debian
> Subproject Howto as soon as some degree of consensus has been reached.
> (I can't find it right now with people.d.o being inaccessible.)
You might try

       apt-get {source,install} subproject-howto

Kind regards


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